New Rep Range Lactic Acid Training For Fat Loss

SUPER Efficient New Workout Specifically Designed For Fat Loss

This workout is designed with short rest intervals and a wide variety of rep ranges to increase production of lactate (lactic acid).

This leads to an increase in Growth Hormone, thus resulting in very significant losses of body fat.

In fact, if the program is done correctly, GH production is 9 times normal–enough to make Betty White look young again!  :)


As you can see from the graph above, the older we get the more our levels of GH decline. This means we have to find other pathways to naturally stimulate GH levels. It’s our body’s all-natural anti-aging fat fighting hormone.

Not only does this workout lead to increased GH, but dramatic fat loss. It’s also quite effective for toning and stimulating lean muscle while developing muscular endurance.

At first glance, the program seems fairly simple and easy but if done properly, it is anything but easy.

The secret to making this workout effective is choosing the correct amount of weight.

It will take some trial and error along with a little practice, but you must pick an exercise that will burn like crazy after 8 reps, after 12 reps, and after 25 reps.

Make no mistake about it; this workout will test your outer and inner strength.

The lactic acid in your muscles should be progressively screaming at you upon completion of the last rep, whether it is 8 reps, 12 reps, or 25 reps.


Here it is:

GL-12 Rep Range Lactic Acid Training For Fat Loss

Make sure to perform 3 exercises per body part for each training session. I recommend doing no more than 2 body parts for each individual workout because the intensity is very demanding.

Any more than 2 body parts and you’ll be crawling away finding a toilet or a barf buddy to puke in.


This cycle is meant to be performed for no more than 6 to 8 weeks. Doing it longer will result in overtraining and adaption.

Each body part should take approximately 12 minutes. Again, extremely effective and efficient.

You’ll perform triple sets for each body part. Here are some suggested movements, along with the prescribed rest periods.

You can use totally different exercises if you want, just make sure you’re working the proper muscle group and following the rep and rest scheme exactly as shown.

Example Workout 1: Chest and Back


1a. 8 Reps of Dumbbell Presses
Rest 10 seconds
2a. 12 Reps of Barbell Presses
Rest 10 seconds
3a. 25 Reps Dumbbell Flyes

Rest 2 minutes
Repeat 3 times


1b. 8 Reps of Pull ups or assisted pull ups
Rest 10 seconds
2b. 12 Reps Bent-over Dumbbell Rows
Rest 10 seconds
3b. 25 Reps Wide Grip Lat Pull Down

Rest 2 minutes
Repeat 3 times

Example Workout 2: Legs (ride the bike for 5 to 10 minutes to warm up before lifting)

1a. 8 Reps of Dumbbell squats
Rest 10 seconds
2a. 12 Reps of Dumbbell Lunges
Rest 10 seconds
3a. 25 Reps of Leg Extensions

Rest 2 minutes
Repeat 3 times

1b. 8 Reps of Lying or Cable Leg Curls
Rest 10 seconds
2b. 12 Stiff Legged Dead Lifts
Rest 10 seconds
3b. 25 Back Extensions

Rest 2 Minutes
Repeat 3 times

Example Workout 3: Shoulders & Abs

1a. 6 Reps of Seated Dumbbell or Machine Presses
Rest 10 seconds
2a. 12 Reps of Dumbbell Lateral Raises
Rest 10 seconds
3a. 25 Reps of Dumbbell (or barbell) Front Raises

Rest 2 minutes
Repeat 3 times

1b. 8 Reps of Superman Plank (8 reps each side)
Rest 10 seconds
2b. 12 Reps Hanging leg raise or Reverse Crunch
Rest 10 seconds
3b. 25 Crunches or 25 Reps on Ab Machine of your choice

Rest 2 minutes
Repeat 3 times

Example Workout 4: Biceps & Triceps

1a. 8 Reps of Triceps Bench Dips (use weighted dips or a machine if necessary to add more weight)
Rest 10 seconds
2a. 12 Reps of Dumbbell Extensions or Lying Skull crushers with barbell or dumbbell
Rest 10 seconds
3a. 25 Reps of Triceps Cable Pushdowns

Rest 2 minutes
Repeat 3 times

1b. 6 Reps of Incline Dumbbell Curls
Rest 10 seconds
2b. 12 Reps of Standing Barbell Curls
Rest 10 seconds
3b. 25 Reps of Standing Cable or Machine Curls

Rest 2 minutes
Repeat 3 times

Additional Tips:

  • If you work out at a commercial gym or health club, you might get irritated by slackers who steal your exercise stations. As such, you may need to improvise and do different movements.


  • Strive to do each circuit 3 times per workout. Advanced peeps can work up to 4 rounds.
  • Use a slow rep tempo on the sets of 8 reps; a medium tempo on the sets of 12 reps; and a faster tempo on the sets of 25.
  • You must use the entire 2-minute rest period. If you do not, you might not be able to use sufficient weight (or complete the prescribed reps). This will negatively affect the lactic acid stimulation.
  • Doing fewer reps than what is prescribed will not stimulate enough lactate  and consequently not produce enough GH. If you fail before you hit the target number of reps (this happens on the set of 25 reps all the time), just pause, set the weight down, count to five and go again until you hit your target.

Get ready though…it hurts. But it’s worth it.


  • These workouts demand a high level of motivation and energy, so using some whey protein with a piece of fruit about an hour before hand might be necessary. Otherwise, you might not make it through the workouts.

If you have questions about this plan, just leave a comment and I’ll try to help you out.

Otherwise, just hit the FB like button to share this workout with your friends.

We’ll be back in a few days with some fresh new weird and wacky nutrition tricks to take the effect of this workout and supercharge it.

Helping you fight the fat burning good fight,


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14 Responses to New Rep Range Lactic Acid Training For Fat Loss

  1. Tracy says:

    I see on legs that one of the exercises is back extensions? What is this? Is it a row?

  2. Myrna says:

    It’s great to get a workout routine and maybe it’s just me, but I find pictures or a video of the exercise to be more helpful. Also exercises that can be done at home and don’t involve going to the gym would be more helpful.

  3. KC says:

    I’m trying this one out for my ‘peeps’ right away. I’m a personal trainer and am trying out all the programs from Jon Benson, Craig Ballantyne, Coach Josh, Joel Marion, Jayson Hunter, and you. Keep them coming. My clients are begging for mercy. LOL

  4. KC says:

    I wish to purchase the Lipotropic and L-Carnitine, but the site is for the States. Is there a Canadian site to order from? I keep going back to Video 7 way back from last year. Excellent video series. I made notes on every one of them and share the info with all.

  5. diane says:

    I can’t wait to try this starting tomorrow (Already did my 12 min interval and legs this am). So this will essentially be training the body parts 1x a week right? Or am I reading this wrong?
    And BTW: the trainers at my gym (WOW) think my interval workouts are bunk and my time at the gym is ‘doing nothing for me’. I laughed and said, “Really, cuz I’m pretty sure your client is the same weight from a month ago and I lost 30lbs in 6 wks doing this. Explain that.” Of course I got a BS answer that is not worthy of typing because it does not deserve the air time.
    Thanks for being the key to my success. I struggle sometimes, being a fulltime employee & full time mom, but these help me slip right back into a groove with fast results and instant feel-good. !!
    P.s. Can’t wait to try this and show them all at the gym how WRONG they are.. I love it !!

  6. @KC
    I sent in a request to get you an answer for the Canadian market. Thanks for being patient…and thanks for the positive feedback.

    I will get back with you on the Lipo/Carnitine Q. thx!

  7. @ Diane

    Yes…each body part 1x per week.

    It’s amazing how trendy interval training is and yet the typical trainer at the gym STILL doesn’t get it :-) Amazing isn’t it? They just don’t get the “afterburn” philosophy because they are programmed by a text book instead of “in the trenches” real world application. All you have to do is compare a marathon runners body to a sprinter and the answer is obvious. High intensity is the way to go for fat loss – period.

    Congrats on all your success. Always remember: Consistency NOT perfection is the key to long term success with fat loss and every area of life.

    Thanks for you input. Have an awesome day.

  8. james says:

    Hi Shaun, for the exercises, are we moving up or down in weights with the reps?
    IE. do we use heavier weights with the lower reps and lighter weights with the higher reps? Or do we keep with one weight throughout the whole workout?

    Thanks so much for this workout plan. Im gonna give it a try at the gym. Im looking to lose about 15kg within six months. Wish me luck! Can’t wait to see the results! :)

  9. Kat says:

    Question: Would it work as well to do the 8 rep set, the 12 rep set, and the 25 rep set all of the same exercise, then do the same with a different exercise for each of the other two sets of three?

  10. Jill says:

    How much weight should you use? Should you use enough weight so that by the 8th or 12th or 25th rep you can barely finish and its burning really good? And you just figure out what that weight is for you by trial and error and keep challenging yourself?

  11. @ James: Moving down bro…there’s no way you could move up in weight with this routine.

    @ Kat: Absolutely

    @ Jill: Yes and Yes. :-) The knowing is in the doing Jill…try to be as close to failure as possible by the 8th, 12th, and 25th.

  12. Hff says:

    hi shaun, I saw the video you posted with this blog, the video was a big help…. its good to see a visual sometimes for a reference point and direction… thanks for posting it. I have 2 questions I’m hoping you can answer for me. do i incorporate this lactic acid routine with or instead of the mrt protocol routine on mondays wednesdays and fridays , or , should I do the lactic acid w/o on on the other days when I perform my cardio 2.0 /threshold/ hiit and glute/tricep bicep strategic starters? thank you so much for your time. Hff

  13. EDDIE M says:

    to HFF, hi there, u should not do these on the same day u doing the the mrt protocol routine …gosh, that would be over kill! u should do these 6 12 25s on ur cardio days only. drink ur pre-work out supplement or coffee and then do the lactic acid workout then rest for 1 minute then go straight to your cardio or hiit. hope that helps ya

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