White Rice Can Increase Fat Burning | HOW?

Cool Insights About Eating More White Starches To Burn Lower Stomach Fat

Yesterday, when I gave you 9 lean lessons you can learn from a caveman, I let you know I’d be back today with why a caveman would add white rice and white potatoes to his plan if he was lifting weights or doing intervals.

But first, let’s discuss why other rice types are considered to be more healthy than the white stuff.

Why We’ve Been Told To Avoid White Rice

The main difference between white and brown rice is the processing and nutritional content.

In her best selling Diet Solution Program, my fitness friend and nutrition expert Isabel De Los Rios breaks it all down and gives you a complete crash course.

Basically, only one layer (the outermost) is removed when producing brown rice. When white rice is produced, everything is removed leaving only the starchy component.

This means pretty much all of the key vitamins and minerals in white rice are lost including the fiber. All of this is important when we’re trying to eat healthy balanced meals and keep blood sugar stable throughout the day.

However, there ARE times when all we care about is the pure starch.

This is especially true if we want to promote a healthy metabolism and burn more fat.

So sit back, relax, and let me explain young grasshopper. :-)

When and Why You Should Intentionally Eat White Rice
(and other white starches)

As I discussed in yesterday’s article, today’s fake manufactured foods like concentrated fructose/sugar, high omega-6 vegetable oils, trans-fats, and even gluten wreak havoc on our systems and promote the storage of belly fat. And they definitely weren’t part of a caveman’s plan.

So obviously, removing these items from your plan will immediately help you get rid of more lower stomach fat.

But what about the pure “white” stuff? (Meaning food not contraband of course. Haha.)

You see, even though white starches like white rice and potatoes really aren’t caveman foods, they provide the purest, most natural source of glucose than any other food.

In fact, glucose is one of the oldest evolutionary fuels on the planet. We use it as an internal fuel source and it’s the building block of foods that date back to the caveman days.

Now if you’re a sick diabetic, this isn’t going to apply to you because you have insulin resistance. So your best bet to lose weight is to simply cut out pop and white bread and you’ll probably lose a boat load of weight your first few months as long as you’re eating healthy and exercising.

But if you’re healthy, your body knows how to process and use glucose.

So if you’ve been losing weight and consistently strength training, over time you dramatically improve your insulin sensitivity.

This means as you start to lose weight and get leaner, your metabolism changes.

And when this happens you gotta “get smart”, which means you have to customize, tweak, and adjust your plan as to fight adaptation and keep your metabolism happy and burning fat.

This is when the pure white starches from nature will help you build muscle, boost metabolism, raise thyroid output, keep leptin levels in check, improve the free testosterone to estrogen ratio, and burn more lower stomach fat.

So along with lean protein, fibrous veggies, and friendly fats, white starches (white rice) from nature should consistently be a part of your plan if you’ve already lost some weight and you’re exercising consistently. They serve as awesome anaerobic fuel and promote anabolism, which helps with glucose metabolism, protein synthesis (absorption of protein), and muscle growth.

Also, many times the pure amylopectin starch found in the white stuff is less problematic than a starch containing gluten or lectins that you get from whole grain / whole wheat foods.

All of this means one thing: increased fat burning and a healthier metabolism. Ok, two things.

White starches (from nature of course) should serve as a primary source of anaerobic fuel and for creating anabolism, which ultimately equals better performance, a healthier metabolism, and faster fat loss.

Just make sure you do three things:

1. Time them properly

The best time to consume these pure glucose polymers from rice or potatoes is in your post workout anabolic window of opportunity, which is anywhere from 1 to 3 hours after high intensity training.

2. Prepare them properly

Steam your white rice (don’t fry it) and bake your potatoes.

Unfortunately, chicken fried rice and a loaded baked potato (yummy!) aren’t part of this strategy. Save them for your cheat day.

3. Combine them properly

Always combine your post workout white starches with a hefty serving of lean protein and always limit your fat intake in your post workout meals. After a workout is the one time of the day we want to spike insulin (the storage hormone) to help shuttle nutrients to our muscles. White rice and potatoes will automatically help you achieve this desired effect.

This means you can workout in the afternoon, come home and eat white starches for dinner while burning more fat. Wow. Who woulda thunk it!

Just remember, during other times of the day the less “starchy” rice types (brown, black, long grain, etc.) and lower glycemic yams or sweet potatoes (rather than white potatoes) might be a better choice to keep insulin stable.

But I wouldn’t over analyze it. As long as you’re combining your starches with high quality protein, fibrous vegetables, and friendly fats you’ll be good-to-go!

And if you’re consistently performing high intensity exercise (sprinting, bursting, weight training, bodyweight circuits, etc.), go ahead and tear up those white starches.

They do the body good.

There you have it. Another fat loss myth – BUSTED.

white rice

But we’re not finished because I guarantee there are a half dozen OTHER “so-called” healthy foods you’re consuming that might be making you store more belly fat.

If you want to get a whole crash course on exactly what types of foods to avoid and which ones to consume, just check out this free video from my fitness buddy Isabel De Los Rios.

==> Avoid THESE Foods to Burn More Stomach Fat <== Free Video

I’ll admit that I don’t agree with Isabel on her views about white rice (you’ll see why in my next blog post), but when it comes to making food choices and creating a fat burning lifestyle, there’s nobody better.

Make sure you drop a comment and hit the “like” button for me if you got something out of today’s post. And don’t forget to share this with friends and family. The fitness truth is the gift that keeps on giving!

Have a great day,


P.S. I’ll be back in a few days with Part II of this post and we’ll look at the total opposite end of the spectrum. It’s an article called, 5 Rices (includes: white rice) That Fight Belly Flab”.

In the meantime, go check out this video that uncovers a laundry list of foods we think are healthy, but actually block our fat loss.

==> Avoid THESE Foods to Burn More Stomach Fat <== Free Video

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