HOW to Eat Fruit for Fat Loss

Fruit Myths vs. Fruit Facts

I just finished working out and ended up breaking one of my #1 rules for maximizing fat loss.

What rule did I break?

I talk about it in today’s video. Obviously it has something to do with fruit – duh. :)

I also uncover…

  • Why fruit really doesn’t make you fat
  • The best TYPE of fruits to eat for faster fat loss
  • HOW to eat fruit so you can maximize fat loss
  • When to never eat fruit if you’re trying to get lean

This video shatters quite a few myths about fruit, so if you learn something new (which I’m confident you will), hit the “like” button below and make sure to pass it along to your friends and family who are trying to lose weight or get ready for summer.

Stay fit and keep growing,


P.S. I laughed my a** off when Iron Man Ryan (my side kick) edited the beginning of this video. Hint: think Benny Hill and driving.

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One Response to HOW to Eat Fruit for Fat Loss

  1. Mark says:

    Hey Shaun,

    and hello from down here by the beach in Australia. I had been trawling through all the dross here on the net trying to find the relationship between nutrition and weight training. What I wasnt able to get straight was the insulin spike and how to use it and when to avoid it.. and also the timing for Carbs Protein and Fats.

    Im not one for blowing smoke up anyones butt.. although I will say in your case you have really condensed the answers into a easily understood format that we the non professional nutritionalists can understand.

    Im 51 and so want to make the best decisions I can based on real world examples of others successes and so have been using your nutritional advice and the Burst training techniques and feeling much more settled now i have a better understanding of how to fit the pieces together

    Since finding your material I have been telling all my mates to go check out your site. I really like the short format of the videos… just enough to want more but not enough to turn off.

    Good Job and good luck.. your already a success to us down here in Australia.


    Mark Lancaster

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